Gray Area Retiree Information

CLEVELAND – Starting later this year, automated Age 59
SmartDocs email messages will be sent out to Gray Area
Retirees. Gray Area Retirees are members who served in the
Guard or Reserve, are qualified for retired pay, and have retired
from their service (stopped drilling) but are not yet at the age
where they can start receiving retired pay. These SmartDocs will
include important resources for Gray Area Retirees about their
upcoming retirement and how to get in contact with their branch
of service to apply for retirement.
Defense Finance and Accounting Services and the branches
of service worked together on a special webpage with important
information for Gray Area Retirees; Gray Area Retirees (
Located on the right side of the Gray Area Retirees page are
individual web page links to each of the Service branch contact
information and updates. Make sure to check out these
webpages for the most updated information.

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