Board of Directors

David Hawkins, President David Hawkins , SMSgt retired – President
[email protected]

Dale Perry, SMSgt retired – Vice President

Dennis Walborn, MSgt retired – Treasurer
[email protected]

Suzzanne McMurray, MSgt – Recording Secretary, Board Member

Randy Eckert , CMSgt retired -Financial Secretary
[email protected]

Paul Weidensaul, CMSgt retired – President Emeritus”

Barry Frey, CMSgt retired- Past President
[email protected]


Kathy Suhr, MSgt retired- Board Member

Kimber Connelly, Lt. Col. retired – Board Member

Patrick Devine, CMSgt – Board Member

William Lengner, CMSgt – Board Member

Peter Mireles, SMSgt retired – Board Member

Amy Snyder, MSgt  – Board Member

Raymond Yurista, CMSgt – Board Member

Garrick Wagner, SSgt – Board Member

Antonio Powell, CMSgt retired – Board Member



James Bemesderfer, 2003-2005, Past Vice President Leslie Black, 2004-2005 Robert Burns, 2014 Kim Etzel, 2003-2007 John Gingrich, 2003-2007 Drew Horn, 2005-2012 Ronald Keeney, 2003-2004 Patty Lees, 2007-2009 Matthew Verghese 2009 – 2011 Kathleen Loughran 2009- 2013, Past Secretary, 2014 Ronald Martin, 2003-2007, Past Vice President Matthew Mehalick, 2009-2012 Lori Mulholland, 2003-2006 Glenn Parsons, 2007-2010 Alfred Pecukonis, 2004-2008 Dale Perry, 2014 Daryl Potteiger, 2006-2009 Rick Shirk, 2009- 2012, Past Vice President Kandy Soward, 2003-2004, Past Secretary Walter Theal, 2003-2006 Past President Emeritus Paul Weidensaul, 2003-2010, Philip Willman, 2003-2005 Shirley Winters, 2005-2008 James Zambo, 2008-2010, Past Vice President John Seitz 2010-2015, Past President William Shupp, 2013-2019 Craig Lady, 2017-2019 Richard Brown

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