193rd Special Operations Wing Association

Your Association of drilling status Guardsmen and Retired members

Dedicated to supporting and building the Air National Guard family through information, fellowship and support services to the 193rd Special Operations Wing members, retirees and their families

Annual Dues $15. Lifetime Membership subtract your age from 100 and multiply by 3.

Click the link for the Membership Application. This file allows you to fill in the blanks online and then print & sign.


DFAS Links

Here are two important links to keep you informed about retirement options and services Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) First time Logging in myFSS NonCAC_User Instructions_032823_1.pdf (af.mil) Keep these links in your “Favorite” list so you can get to these sites anytime.

Board of Directors

Amy Snyder – President   asnyder@193sow.org

Peter Mireles, SMSgt, retired – Vice President   pmireles@verizon.net

Thomas Franklin – Treasurer   thomasfranklin275@yahoo.com

Kimber Connelly, LtCol retired – Recording Secretary   Kimber364@comcast.net

Randy Eckert, CMSgt retired – Financial Secretary   reckert@193sow.org

Paul Weidensaul, CMSgt retired – President Emeritus   pweidensaul@193sow.org

David Hawkins, SMSgt retired – Immediate Past President   dhawkins@193sow.org


Patrick Devine, CMSgt – Board Member

Edward Maurice – Board Member

Suzanne McMurray, MSgt retired – Board Member

Jessica Barder – Board Member

Ron Hunsicker, SMSgt – Board Member

Anthony D’Antonio, Jr – Board Member

Michael Kelly, MSgt retired – Webmaster


Fred Bailey 2010-2014,     James Bemesderfer 2003-2005,     Leslie Black 2004-2005,     Richard Brown 2017-2017,     Robert Burns 2014-2018,     Kim Etzel 2003-2007,     Barry Frey 2006-2020 Past President,     John Gingrich 2003-2007,     L. Drew Horn 2005-2012,     Wayne Isett 2007-2016, Scott Keener 2010-2018,     Ronald Keeney 2003-2004,     Craig Lady 2013-2019,     Patty Lees-Glasser 2007-2009,     William Lengner 2016-2022,     Kathleen Loughran 2010-2015     Ronald Martin 2003-2007,     James McGovern 2008-2018,     Matt Mehalick 2009-2012,     Glenn Parsons 2007-2010,     Alfred Pecukonis 2004-2008,     Kaitlyn Penhorwood 2016-2019,     Dale Perry 2014-2020,     Daryl Potteiger 2006-2009,     Antonio Powell 2014-2020,     John Seitz 2012-2016,     Rick Shirk 2009-2012,     William Shupp, Jr. 2006-2016 Past President,     Kandy Soward 2003-2004,     Kathy Suhr 2019-2020,     Walter Theal 2003-2006,     Samuel Varnicle III 2010-2016,     Matthew Verghese 2009-2010,     Dennis Walborn 2003-2020,     Paul Weidensaul 2003-  President Emeritus,     Philip Willman 2003-2005,     Shirley Winters 2006-2008 ,     James Zambo 2008-2010,     Lori Zimmerman 2004-2006

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