193rd Special Operations Wing Association

Your Association of drilling status Guardsmen and Retired members

Dedicated to supporting and building the Air National Guard family through information, fellowship and support services to the 193rd Special Operations Wing members, retirees and their families

Annual Dues $15. Lifetime Membership subtract your age from 100 and multiply by 3.

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Are you a member? Do you want to pass some information along to other members? Just login and click the link provided after logging in to create a draft post. We will review it and then add it to the site. In additional we will send it out as an email to the group if warranted.

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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) giving as a retiree

We are seeing this email from OPM about how to continue donating through CFC as a retiree. Check the link at the end of this article Dear Federal Annuitant: Prior to you or your family member completing a career in public service, you may have become familiar with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a …

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Use this contact form to let us know about anything you like. It is delivered to the webmaster and will be forwarded to the appropriate person or group. Want to start a social group, let us know about a death, accident or illness or anything else.


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