2015 Christmas Party

Annual Christmas Party 2015 click link for the pdf.

Who: All active/retired 193 SOW members

Date/Time: 18 December 2015/1130-1600

Location: Harmony Hall

1400 Fulling Mill Rd

Middletown PA 17057

The 193 SOW Association will defray the cost of the event $5.00 for each

member. If you are not a member and would like to join, complete the attached

application or go to: http://www.193sow.org/; pay the $15.00 fee, and you will receive the $5.00 discount.


2 Main Entrees

Italiano chicken– marinated baked chicken topped with tomato bruschetta

Penne pasta with Alfredo and marinara sauce

Green beans with julienne carrots with lemon butter

Top round of beef with au jus, diced red onions and zesty horseradish sauce

Garlic roasted mashed potatoes

Buttered corn

Traditional tossed salad with ranch, French and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Assorted dinner rolls and whipped butter

Dessert station Cash Bar

Assorted cookies and cakes

Self service beverage station

Regular and decaf coffee, Iced water and Iced tea, Hot water with assorted teas

Lemon wedges, sugar, sweetener and creamer

Please 2015Please RSVP NLT: 11 December 2015

Group POC’s:

SOMSG: TSgt Renae Lester 948-3201

[email protected]

SOMXG: TSgt Russsell Clark 948-2220

[email protected]

SOG: TSgt Anya Jones 948-2270

[email protected]

SOMDG: CMSgt Kenney Souders 948-2577

[email protected]

RSG: SSgt Reuben Dascalescu 861-1194

[email protected]

Retired: Mr. David Hawkins 717-856-1941 (cell)

[email protected]

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