The Experience of a Lifetime

After serving in the Air Force for 4 years active duty, 12 years air force reserve and 25 years air national guard with the 193rd, for a total of 41 years of miitary service, I must say I miss the wonderful friendships and associations I made during my military career.  I was discharged as a Senior Master Sergeant Loadmaster having accumulated 7,000 flying hours by my retirement date of 1989.  The experience of a lifetime!!

2 Replies to “The Experience of a Lifetime”

  1. Wow, 1989! It seems like just yesterday. Good to see your name pop up Andy. All the best to you my friend! PS Did you know you can upload pictures in your Profile?

  2. Thanks for the repy Mike. Good to hear from you. Will have to look at the accumulated photos and see what I can post!