We have gone Mobile

The 193sow.org website has just been converted to Mobile Compliant format. We have also added those signed up on the old website email list.

What does Mobile Compliant meant to you? If you like to use your cell phone or mobile device to view websites you know it can be very hard to navigate and see information. The 193rd Association website now has a special feature. It automatically detects if you are using a mobile device to view the site. You are then seamlessly switched to a concise mobile phone view. When you look at the website on your PC or other regular computer you will see it as you normally would. Pretty slick, eh?

I will be making some changes to the website so the first page you see (home page) always contains the most recent posted items. That way you won’t waste your time navigating to the Latest News page.

You are now subscribed to the website if you received this email. You can go to the website and unsubscribe by entering the email address where you received this notification to unsubscribe. The box is on the top left side of our site under Subscribe2.

If you would like to contribute a text post you must either be a Registered user or Contact us. If you are not a Registered user you cannot use the contact form but you can post a comment directly under the Contact form. An admin will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also add comments under most posts.

If you did not notice we are also on Twitter. Anytime a post is updated on the 193rd Association Website a feed updates Twitter. For you Twitter fans you can follow us there if you don’t want to subscribe here.

Best to you all in the New Year!

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  1. Great job staying with the times! It is a real testament to how advanced we are becoming. Keep up the great work.

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