2020 Annual Meeting Notice

An Important and Special Message to all our Members,

 In light of current events and restrictions to access the facilities we use for our annual and board meetings; the board of directors has decided to postpone our annual meeting, which was scheduled for 4 April 2020. Unfortunately for now we do not have a date to publish for our annual meeting. We are also canceling our monthly board meeting for April in order to comply with recommendations from Wing leadership, the Governor and President to avoid meeting in groups.

One important item for our annual meeting is voting for the board of directors open positions. If you have received our newsletter please use the absentee ballot to cast your vote. Instructions are included for mailing. We will save these for the annual meeting and count them at that time. This will ensure your votes are cast and counted in case you may be unable to make it in person. You can visit our web site to view and or download the current newsletter.

In these times we can call upon the training and knowledge we have gained from our years of service to help our families, friends, commonwealth and nation get through this. We will survive and thrive after all this has passed as long as we listen to and follow the direction of our leadership. Who would have thought all those times of “hurry up and wait” and “coloring inside the lines” would pay off…

We hope this message finds all our members and your families safe, healthy and free of any virus that may be floating around. Please rest assured we will publish a date for our meetings as soon as we can.

Please check our online sites to get more information about what we are doing, when our meeting will be and how you can help.

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SMSgt David Hawkins, retired,   President, 193rd SOW Association

Association Annual Meeting

The 193rd SOW Association Annual membership meeting is Saturday 6 April at 15:00 in the 193rd SOW DFAC (Dining Facility, Chow Hall). We will be providing updates for everyone about the Association, making presentations to the 193rd Outstanding Airmen of the Year and holding elections for our board of directors.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) giving as a retiree

We are seeing this email from OPM about how to continue donating through CFC as a retiree. Check the link at the end of this article

Dear Federal Annuitant:

Prior to you or your family member completing a career in public service, you may have become familiar with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a way to support charities locally, nationally and internationally. However, at the time you left public service it may not have been possible to easily contribute to charities through the CFC program. Now as a Federal Retiree, you can easily support the charity or charities of your choice.

Last year, we introduced important changes to modernize the CFC program. One of those changes gave retirees and survivors the opportunity to have convenient options of contributing directly through the CFC, including through monthly annuities!

This year’s campaign theme, is Show Some Love. Federal retirees and survivors are able to support any number of the almost 8,000 charities vetted and approved to participate in the CFC campaign. Last year, Federal employees and retirees pledged more than $100 million in monetary pledges. These pledges help people and communities in need and are a reflection of the generous nature of the Federal community.

To help those in need by making a pledge, please visit the CFC’s Online Donor Pledging System.

Retirement Services

Job for a Veteran


Maybe you know a guardsman or other veteran who is looking for a veteran-related job. If you do, please pass this opportunity along. Concerned Veterans for America has a Pennsylvania Field Director job opening. Someone who is enthusiastic about helping the veterans community in PA would be great.

Click here for the CVA – Field Director Job Description

Call Allen McCormack 717.304.4224

Coalitions Director – PA

Concerned Veterans for America